12 by the 12th at 12

So What's all this old nonsense?

So I set myself the challenge to create 12 new paintings by the 12th of December and will release them at 12pm (UK TIME) and they will stay live for 12 hours. Now I know times are tough and I wanted to be able to give everyone a chance,  so these original oils will be available for £1,250 for those 12 hours, after that they will revert to their proper price of £2000.
I know its like I'm a saint or sumfin. These are the first 6 completed and I'll be posting the new ones as and when I get them finished, if i get them finished.
Wish me luck!!!

Not subtle or profound but this was my take on some images I saw of President Zelensky and thought i would make an interesting project, hopefully highlighting the futility of war, right or wrong I think the results were what I was looking for. The digital sculpting for this piece was by the amazing Sean Dabbs who created the bust from scratch. We did 2 versions, one with sculpted hair and one without which at some point will get cast up and have real hair punched to make it as lifelike as possible.

Original 3D Sculpt with hair

This is Sean's finished 3D sculpt with the hair added.

Original 3d Sculpt minus any hair

This is the second version of the head minus any hair which can be added later to a silicone cast.

Resin Print

Once the design was signed off it was 3d Printed in resin as resin prints are smoother and catch much more detail

It’s all Monkey Business 

Massive thanks to everyone who made the latest print release a huge success, the entire edition sold out in 3 minutes! Thanks to Stowe Gallery and K2 Printers for their for all their hard work and support! The other side you ask? Hmmmm maybe