The Oily Stuff!

Kiss of Death
The Taking of Chris Painted from the original photo by the mega talented Pedro Aguilar
Death of a Fisherman Painted from the original photo by the mega talented Pedro Aguila
King or Vagabond?
Mothers Boy
Bigger Than Lennon
Messiah For Life
Your Names Not Down You're Not Coming In
Dilly Dali
Sly Vicious
Mummy's Little Soldier
Baroque For Life Another image painted from an original Phtoto by Pedro Aguilar
Kat Von D
Sublime Ink
Henry V

The Arty Types

My Wei
Wei Too Many
Bacon on His Mind
Hirst After Yeo
Hirst Among Equals
King Maker

The Music Makers

New Yorks Finest
Sunday Girl
Kip Winger


Dame Viv
The McQuee is Dead
The Prince
Prince 2

Rockwell Tributes

Thug 4 Life
Thug Life
Breaking Bad circa 1900
The New Slim Shady
I know What You Did Last Summer
Fight The Power
Straight Outta Bed
Peace Out!

Client Commission

Mason Knows
Lady of Shallot
Red Mist

Client Commission

Lizzies Lament

Presenting old friend double Olympic silver medalist and former European and World Judo Champion Neil Adam with his portrait celebrating 50 years in the sport.

W Line NYC

A painting of a man with the painting of a man he bought


My nod to the fact that even us old farts know whats going on and embrace it too! x